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Commercial vs. Personal Auto Insurance

Some businesses may require the use of a vehicle for work. Some businesses have one commercial vehicle, some have hundreds. If you use your car for work, including transportation of equipment, and your experience damage, you may not be fully covered by your personal auto insurance. It’s important that you obtain National General Commercial Auto Insurance. Below we show you what a National General Commercial Car Insurance.

Liability Limits

Business Auto Coverage comes with more liability coverage options than regular auto insurance. A Business Auto Coverage Policy can cover passengers, customers, employees, and work equipment. Usually, normal auto policies only cover the driver and sometimes the passengers.

Vehicle Types

Normal auto policies usually cover the standard vehicles you see on the road: cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, etc. National General Business Auto Insurance covers these vehicles, but they also cover trucks (dump trucks, box trucks, food trucks), utility vans, limos, taxis, flatbeds, and more. You can also cover multiple company vehicles under the same policy with Business Auto Coverage.


As mentioned above, employees are covered on your Business Auto Coverage policy. So, say an employee drives your car, but you don’t have business auto coverage. If that employee crashes, your regular insurance will not cover them for any injuries and they can in turn sue you for hospital bills. If you do have the vehicle covered by business auto insurance, your policy will take care of the car and their medical bills.

If your business requires the use of vehicles, be sure to protect your company, vehicles, equipment, customers, and employees with a policy from National General. You can also go online and get a National General Auto insurance quote to see how much your policy would be. Stay safe and keep your business on the move!

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