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Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Types

Motorcycle insurance policies are not all created equal. There are a few highly specialized motorcycle insurance options available which distinguish a strong motorcycle insurance policy from an ordinary one. At SkyBlue Insurance Agency we work with the best names in motorcycle insurance for both the United States and MexicoSo If you need free motorcycle insurance quotes, or a temporary Mexico motorcycle insurance policy, we help you out in just 10 minutes flat!

Motorcycle insurance requirements correspond to auto insurance requirements. Every state has them, and most states require that you purchase motorcycle liability insurance in order to operate your motorcycle legally. Motorcycle insurance policies fall into the same three major categories that auto insurance falls into a liability, collision, and comprehensive motorcycle insurance options.

SkyBlue Insurance Agency is proud to sell multiple lines of motorcycle insurance from all of the following insurance providers and many more. To get started with your free motorcycle insurance quotes, please call us at our toll-free quote line below, or click on any of the get quotes buttons on this page to be redirected to our free motorcycle insurance quotes page.

Liability Motorcycle Insurance

Exactly like liability auto insurance, liability motorcycle insurance protects other drivers from damages they would otherwise have to pay due to your driving. Damages eligible for liability insurance reimbursement include only bodily injury and property damages sustained by parties other than the policy-holder. This means that if you cause somebody other than your passenger’s bodily injury or property damage while you are behind the wheel, they are eligible to receive insurance benefits from your liability insurance company up to the maximum liability benefit limits outlined by your liability policy. All liability motorcycle insurance policies must meet the minimum financial responsibility requirements of the state in which the policyholder resides. Any driver who does not possess a motorcycle insurance policy which satisfies these requirements is driving without insurance and can legally be detained or have their vehicle impounded by state or county authorities. There are two primary types of liability motorcycle insurance: Bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Each state in the US has specific minimum liability limits for each type of liability which are here listed at right. To learn more about the liability motorcycle insurance requirements in your state, please call or click on the free motorcycle insurance quote button below, or call us today at 1-800-771-7758.
Collision motorcycle insurance provides insurance benefits to the policy-holder to pay for their own property damage in the event of a collision accident involving their motorcycle and another vehicle, structure, animal or the earth. The specifics of what types of collision accidents are covered by your collision insurance policy are determined by the motorcycle insurance provider you choose and your state of residence. Collision coverage for your motorcycle will cost only a little more than basic liability coverage, but unlike liability- it will actually provide you some benefit in the event that you suffer property damage in an accident regardless of whose fault the accident was.
Collision insurance coverage for your motorcycle provides you with insurance awards which can only be applied towards property damage on your vehicle. This includes damage or destruction of your bike or the personal effects of anybody therein. It cannot be used to pay excess property damages to another party that sustained damage as a result of the collision. Never think that collision motorcycle insurance can provide the coverage you are legally obligated to have. We can get you free quotes and information on motorcycle collision insurance in as little as ten minutes from multiple motorcycle insurance carriers. Call us now at 1-800-771-7758 to get help immediately from a helpful and qualified SkyAgent or click on the get quotes button below so we can get started with your free motorcycle insurance quotes instantly. Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Information.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Information

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Comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides insurance benefits in the event of property damage to your motorcycle, personal effects, riding apparel, or attached accessories. This excludes damages caused by collisions. You must purchase collision motorcycle insurance to cover property damage due to the collision.

Comprehensive insurance used to be called full coverage insurance but has since been renamed due to the common confusion of policy-holders believing they were actually covered against any possible damage. Nowadays comprehensive motorcycle insurance for your bike can protect you from many things, but it is still not fool-proof. You must choose your comprehensive insurance options when you purchase a policy, being careful to select those which represent risks your bike will actually face, and not choosing extraneous options under which you are likely to never file a claim.

Just a few of the important perils or risks that comprehensive motorcycle insurance protects you from are: Fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and wind damage. To get free quotes on a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy please call us or click on the get quotes button below to get us started on your free quote request immediately.

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